S9E11 | RESULTS: 2021 International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards


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2021 International Pet Photographer of the Year Results

The annual Awards are an annual celebration of the artistry and skill of professional and emerging pet photographers from all around the globe. This year, more than 2500 pet portraits were submitted by pet photographers located in 52 countries. The top 100 shortlisted images were released first, followed by the Top 25, then the category winners and now, the overall International Pet Photographer of the Year, Veronika Šandorová from Slovakia.

In this special video episode, Caitlin and Kirstie discuss the winning images in relation to their scores.

This video episode is available to everyone. If you’re a member, we recommend watching it in the memberzone. Otherwise, catch it on YouTube.
Zoe Hiljemark has collaborated with us to create a four part, step-by-step guide to approaching the media for promoting your success in the awards. There’s one section of the guide available for free on the blog to help get you started.

Whether your pet portrait has been shortlisted as one of the top 100 or the top 25 in its category, or you have been announced as one of our four Category winners or even as the Overall winner – the International Pet Photographer of the Year - there is every reason to celebrate!


And if you want more help with approaching the media, grab the full guide this week while it’s on sale (by 50%)!

Don’t forget, you have to act fast with getting your story out there to the media. So jump on this now!

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