S9E08 | How to Use the Storybrand Website Framework in your Pet Photography Business with Ryan Toth


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I want you to take a moment and open up your website. What is the story you’re telling? Is it all about your journey as a photographer, your style, maybe lists some awards and achievements? There’s a portfolio page, obviously - and probably a pricing page too (or “Investment”, if you fancy haha). Essentially what I’m asking is - is your website all about you?

If the answer is YES, then it might be time to consider a different approach

Have you heard of Storybrand? It’s a very popular and proven marketing strategy that helps businesses clarify their message and build a sales funnel into their website. In this 7-part framework, you cast your clients as the hero - rather than your website being all about YOU, your website tells a story that your client can relate to. Sounds intriguing, right? We interviewed website expert and certified Storybrand guide, Ryan Toth of Clearbrand to find out all about this powerful framework and how pet photographers can use it to improve their websites.


* What does the client do next?
* Capturing leads with your website
* Defining your offer and pricing

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Website: http://myclearbrand.com/
StoryBrand Website Template: https://clearbrand.com/storybrand-website-template-thanks
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