Take control of your work-life balance by implementing these systems with Kim Hamblin


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Do you feel like you’re always chasing your tail? Like there’s always a huge to-do list and you just can’t get on top of it? You know you need a better system but implementing it is a whole other to-do list?

If that all sounds familiar, tune in for today’s episode with Kim Hamblin where she shares actionable advice as we break down all the systems that can help you free up more time in your business.

We covered

  • How to save time in your business
  • What enables you to bring on a team
  • Which systems are important to put in place
  • How to document your systems efficiently


  • Kim's top work-life balance tip
  • Having set days for set tasks
  • The most important system to ensure a successful client experience
  • Bank accounts & the finance system
  • Tips for improving your sales system for higher sales
  • How Kim reduced from four days of production to one per week!
  • Having a plan to meet your bookings goals
  • How to bring on a team - know who you want and what their role could be



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