Life Gems "Overcoming Doubt"


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The Premium Pete Show Presents: Life Gems with Premium Pete 💎 Internets! We are back once again with a new episode of LIFE GEMS! Thank you for all the love and support! The feedback and positivity I've been receiving for these episodes has been incredible. I hear you! I feel you! So I'll be doing many more of these episodes. In this episode we’ll talk about overcoming doubt. From time to time we ALL get that nagging voice in the back of your head. Here’s a fact, we all have doubts but it’s how we handle them that makes the difference. To keep things simple we'll focus on these key topics: 🥇Love yourself! Overcoming these thoughts starts with practicing self compassion. We all fail or feel inadequate, that’s normal. I say this all the time but just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean your failing! Be understanding with yourself. Whatever the outcome or the way you feel in the moment you gotta talk to yourself like someone you love. 🥈Chapters of your Life: Sometimes I look at life like a book…there’s chapters of the book like there’s chapters in life. You might feel like skipping ahead a few pages and not dealing with those hard times but those tough times can be the making of you. I share my experiences with overcoming doubt in all aspects of my life. 🥉The strength within: Outside validation can important. It’s natural to want those closest to you to show their support. It can help you ease feelings of doubt. But when we don’t get the outside validation we seek our confidence dips and that self doubt creeps in. This is when you have to reach inside yourself and find that self belief to push forward. Don't forget to DIG in the catalog!! I have truly enjoyed podcasting for over 12 + years now and my main objective has and always will be inspiring my audience and people all over the world. When you never stop believing in you, who knows what's possible?!?! Remember, tell a friend to tell a friend. Send this episode to someone who needs some encouragement today! Blessings sent your way! 💎

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