The Pursuit of Online Entrepreneurship


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The Pursuit of Online Entrepreneurship is a podcast brought to you by Veronica Sagastume, a business strategist, consultant, and entrepreneur herself. She knows first hand that it takes a lot more than just skill, knowledge and passion to build a business, and wants to help you focus on the right things, while expanding your business to have an online precense to have a greater reach, deeper impact and purpose. This podcast is meant to inspire, motivate, encourage and help you, the Service Based Business Owner (The Consultant, Freelancer, Contractor) navigate the ongoing journey of expanding your business to Pursue Online Entrepreneurship. Veronica’s specialty is taking a business topic, breaking it down, simplifying it and helping you focus to take action, and implement strategies that will get you results. Each episode is an enlightening step forward towards achieving your vision, with actionable takeaways, advice and exclusive resources from Veronica’s treasure trove of experience.

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