RE 109: The House Flipper's Entrepreneurial Journey | Interview with Paul Tompkins, CEO of Flippin' Experts


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Pay to go faster. That's one of the mantras of the successful. If don't have any money, you can pay with your time. And when you're short on time, you pay with money. Both approaches can work in your favor and take you exactly where you want to be as an entrepreneur.
That's what you'll learn in this interview episode with Paul Tompkins, the CEO of Flippin' Experts. Paul is a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, and coach. He's completed so many fix and flip real estate deals that people began referring to him as the House Flipping Expert and the nickname stuck!
His entrepreneurial journey led him to quickly develop Flippin' Experts, along with additional multimillion-dollar businesses which encompass all aspects of real estate investing and home renovations.

His first entrepreneurial endeavor began at the age of 8 years old when he launchedTompkins Helpers, helping neighbors with any and all odds and end jobs.

Since then, Paul successfully uses his Marine Corps and State Trooper training, as well as business savviness to assist in launching multiple businesses including Celebration College in partnership with South Eastern University, Tranquility Realty, and Pristine Home Renovations. Paul's passion is inspiring other entrepreneurs to take the next step while continually growing and developing.
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