BB 15: Too Busy with Work to Learn English? | Tiffani Shares her Fascinating Journey


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Ladies and gentlemen. English learners, teachers, and world changers. My next guest is Tiffani. Tiffani, from, is a teacher and artist from Maryland, US. One day, she left her job as a web designer at NASA to embark on an adventure to South Korea. She lived there for almost 10 years and fell in love with teaching English as a Second Language. Since founding the Speak English with Tiffani Academy, she's dedicated her time and energy to help learners from all around the world develop the confidence they need to speak and communicate in English. Through her Youtube Channel, podcast and app, she helps people to learn English in a simple and playful way.

This conversation was so much fun—I don't think I have ever laughed this much during an interview. Tiffani has such amazing energy and is really an incredible teacher. We cover lessons Tiffani learned growing up and from her parents: Where her diligence, creativity, discipline, and entrepreneurial spirit come from. She shared with me how she got up the courage to leave a comfortable job at NASA by getting in touch with her purpose to help more people.

Tiffani told me how she broke out of the intermediate level of Korean by stopping to learn grammar and start playing with the language. She told you how you can do the same, and most importantly, how you can gain confidence. We also touched on the lack of diversity on YouTube when it comes to English teachers, and why if you have ever thought of teaching English online, you should give it a go. And so, so much more. So let's not wait any longer to get into this inspiring and hilarious conversation with Tiffani, on episode 15 of Beyond Borders!

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