118 – These Should Drive You Crazy


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The question is not, “Do I have a capacity block here?”
The question is, “To what degree is THIS a Capacity Block in my business?”
Capacity blocks create resistance and stop growth. We have analyzed hundreds of practices and identified 8 specific “root causes” that should drive you crazy because they block your business from reaching its fullest potential. All eight are impacting your business right now. The only questions are to what degree - and what can we do to fix them.
As we approach the end of another calendar year, join us in our new series “The Crazy 8” and take us up on our challenge...Over the next 8 weeks address one of these at a time. Improving even 1 of these 8 will impact your practice. Addressing all 8 before the end of the year will absolutely take your practice to new heights of business success!
Episode Highlights

00:50 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete introduce the next series topic about the capacity zone; how to clear the blocks and increase capacity

06:46 – Dr. Pete introduces the topic of the crazy eight capacity blocks that they have noticed through coaching conversations

08:00 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete expand on the definition of capacity and what it means to create more

14:14 – Dr. Pete does an initial identification of the crazy eight capacity blocks

18:22 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete complete a more in-depth review of each of the capacity blocks.

31:07 – Dr. Stephen introduces the concept of the “comfort zone” and how we work within it

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