119 – Where Does Your Philosophy Run Out?


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Where do you run out of philosophy?
Do you find yourself running up against the limitation of your philosophy? The past two years have certainly been challenging - and we are guessing that your philosophy has been rigorously tested. It’s become abundantly clear that what the world needs now is chiropractic and what chiropractic needs now is more successful chiropractors.
Your Purpose is the big “why” behind what you do every day. Your Vision is “what success looks like” to you. Your Mission is how you serve your Purpose and manifest your Vision. Your philosophy shapes all of the above - and acts as a fence around it.
Let’s explore the limitations of your philosophy and push the fence back a bit.

Episode Highlights

03:14 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete introduce today’s topic, the heart, and the examination of your philosophy and how it relates to your business.

05:12 - Dr. Stephen discusses how a philosophical capacity block stops the growth of your practice

10:13 – Dr. Stephen delves into the toxicity and deficiency caused by the interference from the blocks

12:00 – Dr. Pete discusses the “awakening” that people are having to their philosophy and invites you to look at whether you have been asleep, running on autopilot instead of casting your vision

16:21- Dr. Stephen introduces the concept of your philosophy being the DNA of your business and how contradictions to it inhibit its growth

23:00 - Dr. Pete shares his practices on how he reignites his philosophy through self-introspection and surrounding himself with people who share his philosophy

27:26 – Dr. Stephen discusses the next steps in order to analyze your philosophical capacity block

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