148 - Time Management vs Focus Mastery


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Focus is the squeeze and productivity is the juice, and the juice is worth the squeeze. Our goal is to help free up your time to focus more on what’s most important. When was the last time you asked yourself if what you were doing was truly the highest and best use of your time?

If you want to experience greater freedom and productivity, make sure that you are FOCUSED on the highest priority action possible - RIGHT NOW.
Episode Highlights

02:39 - Time is a constant but focus is the variable that is influenced by you

06:11 - The first thing you focus on is how can you manage your time but that is not where your attention should be.

08:10 - Start asking yourself “Is this the highest misuse of my focus?”

11:07 - Set time to do the things that you need to do, however once there you have focus on doing that. Be present.

13:01 - Focus is what makes the difference between busyness and productivity.

14:50 - Have a strict commitment to your calendar or schedule in order to remain focused on what you need to be focused on at that time.

19:01 - Discover the action steps to assist you in adhering to your calendar

26:12 - TRP Success Partner, Dr. Roger Sahoury of SprintSet joins Dr. Pete in this episode to talk about how you can assist your clients with another aspect of their lifestyle component - weight loss and management. Join the conversation as they uncover Dr. Roger’s inspiration in starting this company, and how they can help your rate of attraction and retention through their education and marketing strategies that are done for you.

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For more information about SprintSet please visit: www.sprintset.com

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