Dave Ball (Soft Cell) : Electronic Boy | Season 3: Ep. 2


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"TAKE. MY. TEARS. AND. THAT'S. NOT. NEAR-LEE ALLLLLLLLLLL, TAINTED-", oh, come on. You know. That song. Soft Cell's Tainted Love spent 43 weeks on Britain's Billboard charts and ranked #5 on VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders. You've probably heard the song yourself once or twice, whether it be on the dance floor or while ordering a Subway sandwich make-it-a-meal combo. You've also probably heard of Marc Almond, but who was the other guy, the one pressing the buttons and twiddling the knobs? He has a name, and it's Dave Ball, someone who really likes collecting keyboards, name-checking his numerous synthesizers, and raiding the hotel mini bar. What's it like to have an entire career built around a song you didn't write? Dave Ball tells Christian and Martha in Electronic Boy. (Seriously, though: where did our love go?)
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