Dave Mustaine: Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir | Season 2: Ep.8


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If, on the eve of success, you were kicked out of a band you'd help to start, sent home on a greyhound bus with not a penny in your pocket, you'd probably give up the game. Not Dave Mustaine. With nothing but his ambition, fiery red mane, and battle ax in hand, Dave overcame the abandonment of his family, the betrayal of Metallica, and the suburbs of Costa Mesa and Whittier, California, to form Megadeth and kill em all. Yes, it's another story of sex, drugs, and rock and roll; but it's also funny, sad, and smart, and to one of our hosts, maybe one of the best memoirs yet. Learn from this seminal figure how to screw up a date with Belinda Carlisle, how to deal with flakes of rust in your eye, and, mostly, how to persevere, as Christian and Martha discuss Mustaine.
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