Morrissey: List of the Lost | Season 2: Bonus Episode


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Some achievements speak for themselves: Climbing Mt. Everest. Discovering Fire. Creating the planet Earth. To this pedigree another can now be added: Reading Steven Patrick Morrissey's List of the Lost. Few readers have done it, although many have tried. Recipient of the Literary Review "Bad Sex Award," and described by The Times as "unreadable in places", literature's Bermuda Triangle has disappeared most explorers who have attempted to navigate Bigmouth's 118 pages. Can our overly-educated hosts do it? Do they have the snob-chops to dare??? Join our intrepid hosts on this special episode as they draw upon all of their reading super powers and sail headfirst into 118 pages of the Mancunian vortex that is Morrissey. This episode will open your eyes, and you will never be the same.
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