Ep47: Dismantle Them All - A Talk with Black Women feat. Jen + Fari


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In solidarity with museum workers and dismantle organizations around the world, J.Mix (Dismantle National WWII Museum) has an enlightening discussion with Jen + Fari (Dismantle New Orleans Museum of Art) about their paralleled experiences and revelations as black femme museum workers for predominately white institutions.
Some topics discussed: Controversial job posting from Indiana MOA at Newfields - Diversity, Equity, and Confusion - What "Dismantle" Means to Them - Mental Health before and after resigning - The Future of Dismantle Organizations - and so much more!
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Indiana Museum of Art at Newfields Job posting
Newfields "apology"
Power Inequities Among Arts Nonprofits by Toya Lillard
Art & Museum Transparency
Change the Museum
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