Home Invasion Prevented - Others Were Not as Lucky - Tips that Prevented a Home Invasion


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Today we share a listener’s story on how the tips she learned from The Self Defense Channel saved her … and her family from a Home Invasion.
"After listening to your episode on The Self Defense Channel, I purchased several items that I knew I could easily install to make my home a Harder Target." ~ Mrs. Bee
Within days, the unthinkable happened to others on our street. (Listen now to hear the rest of the story).
It is my hope that her story be an inspiring model for others.
Here are the Items I personally use on my home to make it a Hard Target & a Nightmare for criminals:

If you are able to get all the items above, then your home will begin to look like mine.
If you are interested in getting personal or virtual training to keep you and your loved ones safe, call 833-262-7200.
If you are interested in Immersion Self Defense Training - including a personal tour of our home - email me at info@TheSelfDefenseChannel.com
Be Safe!

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