39. Showing Up Authentically on TikTok and Instagram with Jera Foster-Fell


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In five years, Jera went from drowning in a soul-sucking job with no defined purpose while suffering from social anxiety, to owning a multiple six-figure business and dominating the lifestyle sector of social media.

She has built her community to more than 175k on Instagram and 1 million on TikTok (in less than a year!), and has crowned herself the queen of pivoting (from graphic design, to SoulCycle instructor, to content creator, to Instagram strategist).

With her experience and success, Jera's current passion is teaching all that she's learned to others with her signature course The Social Media Saloon and with her one-on-one clients.

Jera coaches on the ins and outs of creating your own personal brand online, the secrets to building a loyal and engaged community, and all the steps that to take to use social media as a positive tool for your business.

I found Jera when I was lurking on TikTok and then we officially met at Later Conference. In this episode, Jera shares about the day Instagram changed her life and how it led her from graphic design to fitness to content creation, and ultimately coaching. We also chat about how this has been a year of hustle, but she’s ready to slow down; what inspired her to start using TikTok; how Tiktok really embraces creativity and specific niches; 3 parts of talking to camera and captions; putting soul into your brand; her favorite apps and tools; and why “what should I post today” should be your last question in the content creation process. You’ll leave this episode empowered to show up as your authentic self on social media!


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