013: From Basement to Best-seller in 24 months, with Noah St. John, Inventor of Afformations®


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What if you can’t figure out how to do what you have a dream to do?

How do you figure out the ins and outs of making that dream into a reality that can inspire others and build a business for you? It’s not always easy and you can’t always figure it out on your own. What do you do then?

Today’s guest, Noah St. John says it this way, “If you can’t figure it out, there’s somebody out there who has. Find them.” That’s his plug for finding a coach or mentor who can help you sort out your thoughts, evaluate your ideas, and learn the steps to put them into practice.

Do you have a perceived income ceiling?

Many people enter the entrepreneurial world with big dreams and small mindsets. That’s the gist of what Noah St. John shares on this episode, and he should know because that’s what was true of him when he first began his own business. He discovered that in his own thinking he had created a “perceived income ceiling.” What’s that? It was his own preconceived idea of what he was capable of earning financially.

It was a limiting belief for him, keeping him from excelling beyond that pre-set idea. Once he noticed his tendency to lose confidence when the income levels started rising he was able to switch his thinking and consider that figure to be a floor upon which he stood to generate even more revenue… and the rest is history.

So what’s your perceived income ceiling? How is it holding you back? Listen to Noah’s account of his own journey away from it to help you get a handle on your limiting beliefs around income.

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