015: Building a Foundation for Weight Loss Success with Dr. Gail Altschuler


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Dr. Gail Altschuler, she is a board certified family practice and bariatric physician, speaker, author, and founder of the Altschuler Center for Weight Loss and Wellness, and creator of the Foundations for Weight Loss program.

Her work has combined both her passion for wellness and health and a passion for understanding and helping people improve their health through management of their weight. Why wait to look and feel you best?

Dr. Gail shares ways to help people get their health under control now using practical, helpful tips that will get the weight off and keep it off. She wants to help you go from overwhelmed and confused to confident and clear. As you listen to this episode you’ll hear Dr. Gail’s compassionate heart as she shares her passion for helping people experience the physical transformation she has experienced herself.

Finally ready to lose weight, but she couldn’t do it.

Dr. Gail was overweight herself, at least 50 pounds. She got into that state by working hard, living a stressful life, not being too concerned about her diet and weight, and assuming that when the time came, she’d go on a diet and lose the weight. When that time came she tried and failed. She was confused and discouraged. That’s what put her in a place to investigate the real mechanisms behind weight loss that works. She began studying and putting what she was learning into practice. She began to lose weight, wasn’t feeling hungry, and was experiencing the freedom and health that she desired. She began sharing her findings with her patients and eventually quit her medical practice and developed her full time weight loss clinic. She considers herself the “first patient” and is eager to teach people how they can be happy and healthy.

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