017: Breaking the Approval Addiction with Amy Pearson, Founder of Live Brazen


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Amy Pearson is a self-described “approval addict.” Years ago she discovered that she’d lived her entire life trying to get a pat on the back from other people. But a tragic loss in her life enabled her to turn the corner and find a life full of happiness by doing what she wanted to do in the world. She believes that at the root of approval addiction is a basic human need to belong. But she also believes that when you live for approval you never truly find belonging. You sacrifice yourself for a false sense of belonging called “fitting in.” By making that mindset shift Amy began learning to create an inner world for herself that fueled her dreams. Now she helps women break their own approval addiction, live the life they desire, and make a difference in the world. In this conversation Amy shares her story, her business, and an amazing free gift for you. You’ll want to listen.

Thinking contributes to results.

One of the things Amy loved most about training to become a life coach was the understanding that how a person thinks impacts the results they get in their lives. It was powerful for her not only as a core principle of how to help people, but also how to move out of her own addiction to the approval of other people. It’s been her joy to see her life expand as she’s learned to turn her own thinking in new, positive, more possibility-focused directions and she’s been thrilled to help her coaching clients make those same shifts and see similar transforming results in their lives. This conversation is full of encouragement - from Amy’s story and from what’s happened in her life and in the lives of her clients. So be sure to listen in to this chat.

Don’t let your setbacks be an opportunity to give up.

Establishing your own business and seeing it thrive is hard work. It’s discouraging work at times. But it’s also some of the most rewarding work you’ll ever do. In today’s conversation Amy Pearson shares a time in her entrepreneurial journey when she became incredibly overwhelmed. The mountain of things to do and steps to take in order to push her business forward seemed so huge that she didn’t think she’d ever accomplish it. What she learned in that time of overwhelm was that everything ahead is worth fighting for and that sometimes you’re only 3 steps away from hitting gold. Her desire is to help other women push through those obstacles and discouragements and not allow the setbacks to serve as an opportunity to give up.

Listen in to this conversation to hear how you can push through the setbacks to find the gold!

Amy’s free gift, the “Nothing Is Ever Good Enough” module of her Brazen coaching is found at www.livebrazen.com/gift

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