018: "The Surrendered Wife", NY Times Bestselling Author Laura Doyle shares on Success in Business & Relationships


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Our guest today is Laura Doyle, she’s a New York Times bestselling author of many books on relationships and marriage including “The Surrendered Wife,” “The Surrendered Single,” and “First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors.” She also has created “The Six Intimacy Skills,” a step-by-step system that over 150,000 women have used to make their broken relationships passionate and peaceful again. Those skills where what Laura discovered to bring about change in her own marriage and turn things around. She’s been a relationship coach for 17 years and enjoys seeing women apply the simple principles she teaches to enrich and transform their marriages. You’ll enjoy Laura’s enthusiasm and energy as she shares her life and her story.

A business built out her own painful story.

Laura Doyle’s marriage was a painful reality. She didn’t understand what had happened but things were not as she had dreamed they would be. That’s when she made the choice that would change her entire life. She decided to begin a study of women who had happy and fulfilling marriages. What she discovered was the basis for her “6 Intimacy Skills” teaching and the change her marriage needed. The results have been huge! Women speaking 16 languages and in 27 countries and a variety of faiths have not only saved their marriages by applying Laura’s principles, they have joined the movement to end world divorce–one relationship at a time.

Find out more about what Laura is doing to change the world one marriage at a time, on this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur.

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