021: A System for Forming Powerful Habits & High Productivity, with Gina Hiatt, PhD


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Today’s guest on the New SuperWoman Entrepreneur is Gina Hiatt, PhD. Gina is the creator of an original software system which she created as a result of watching academics struggle to complete critical writing projects. Her realization was that a combination of coaching with a visual, interactive membership system would give clients a way to create, track, and achieve their goals.

As a result hundreds of academics from all over the world have used her system to complete their theses, dissertations, professional papers, and to reach their professional career goals. To move her product even further, Gina is adapting her Client Accountability System — Finish Agent — for use by book-writing coaches, mastermind group leaders, and productivity coaches.

In this episode Maribel speaks with Gina about her story, her work, what she recommends for Women Entrepreneurs, and explores practical ways Gina’s work can help you. Be sure to listen to this great episode.

Helping people do what they really want to do.

Gina’s business flowed out of her own experience as a clinical psychologist. Over and over she was talking with clients who were having trouble staying committed to projects they needed and wanted to do, including PhD students, coaches, teachers, and others. One of the things she did to help those people was to create an accountability software and system that enabled them to stay on track, remain accountable, and move their projects forward in spite of their natural tendencies to procrastinate or work on things that might seem more “fun.” Her work has propelled many people forward in their education and careers and she’s now licensing that software for people outside the academic realm. You can hear how her work has progressed and what benefits it might have for you in this episode.

Breaking down behavior habits to help people get work done.

Everything Gina Hiatt does is to help her clients look at their business through the small daily steps they do to accomplish the things they truly need to accomplish. Her approach is not about mindsets, though those are important, but rather about identifying the things that are keeping them from being productive, assessing those obstacles, and overcoming them in practical ways. Her system has shown itself to be very powerful in the lives of high level academics and professionals to move them toward their goals in tangible ways. Gina works hard to ensure that the business professionals and academics that want to use her program are a good fit for it. It’s not about the money for her, it’s about having a powerful impact on their productivity. You can hear how her software works and whether it might be of help to you, on this episode.

“My whole life is a fight against resistance.”

Gina Hiatt says that she began her productivity system and software business mostly because she needs it herself. On a daily basis she sees the seeds of resistance in herself: resistance to her next project, to moving into the size and scope of it, resistance to the discipline it takes to move those things forward. But her key lesson is that those things are overcome one step at a time. She concentrates on simplifying things down to their next logical step and focusing on accomplishing that one, simple thing. When that’s done she can look at the next step. You’ll be encouraged by Gina’s simple way of looking at productivity and hearing how she fights the productivity battle, so don’t miss this great conversation.

Free gifts to help you with productivity and accomplishing great things.

As is always the case, Maribel asked her guest today, Gina Hiatt, PhD, to share a gift with you, the listeners. The gift she shares today is a very generous and helpful tool to help you leverage the power of groups to build an additional stream of income for your business and maximize your time and income. You can hear all about this two-part free gift and how you can get it by listening to this episode of New SuperWoman Entrepreneurs.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Introduction of today’s guest: Gina Hiatt.
  • The work Gina does: Helping people do what they really want to do.
  • Gina’s life, lifestyle, and the roles she plays.
  • What influenced Gina to become an entrepreneur?
  • A blessing in disguise moment that Gina experienced - a challenge that actually served to move her business forward.
  • The business model Gina uses in each of her businesses and how they generate income.
  • The most powerful moves Gina has made to impact her bottom line in a positive way.
  • The core strategy Gina uses to support entrepreneurs.
  • The #1 tip Gina gives to women entrepreneurs.
  • How Gina leverages her typical day toward productivity and success.
  • Tools and tricks Gina uses to maximize her own productivity.
  • The best advice Gina has ever received.
  • The book Gina recommends.
  • Inspirations Gina is touched by.
  • A personal mantra Gina lives by.
  • Gina’s special FREE GIFT for NSWE listeners.
Resources mentioned in this episode

http://finishagent.com/ - Gina’s website & accountability software.

BOOK: Built to Sell

www.FengOffice.com - A productivity suite Gina’s team uses

www.MindMeister.com - mind mapping software

www.ScheduleOnce.com - scheduling software

BOOK: The War of Art

Where you can get your FREE ebook and additional gift: www.FinishAgent.com/GiftMaribel

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