023: Increasing Your Leads, Conversions, And Influence, with Dr. Andreas Boettcher


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Dr. Boettcher delivers professional sales, communication and public speaking training designed to bring your business and career to higher levels of performance than you could achieve on your own. He is an inspirational figure to countless people because, not only does he have the know-how and the passion to help people succeed, but his life’s experiences have given him the ability to relate to others with compassion and authenticity. This helps him truly shine as a mentor. Today you’re in for a huge treat as you hear Dr. Boettcher’s insights.

How an old man inspired Dr. Andreas Boettcher to pursue excellence.

Being of European descent, Dr. Andreas Boettcher was blessed to be able to travel to the “old country” regularly to visit is family back there. One of the most #InfluentialPeople he visited was his grandfather. He recalls doing things with his grandfather that still have an impact on him today. He even remembers once when he was a high school athlete that his grandfather beat him in a race. It was experiences like that, that made him want to be the kind of “old man” his grandfather was. The way the family patriarch took care of his own body, lived every day with gusto and excitement, and invested his time in people and the things he loved was very inspiring to Andreas. Who is your inspiration? As you listen to this episode, ask yourself that question in light of Dr. Andreas has to share.

Do you need an increase in your productivity?

Dr. Andreas Boettcher is an expert at helping people just like you reach your peak potential. Whether from the stage or one-on-one, Dr Boettcher is one of the very best at his craft. He’s able to help you get a fresh look at your role within your organization or business to give you the instant motivation boost that you need. On this exciting episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur you’re going to hear the life stories behind how Dr. Andreas has reached the point he’s at and what you can do to grow your business in the same ways he has. You’re going to get so much out of this conversation!

There are only two reasons a business doesn’t succeed.

Did you realize that? What would happen if you could boil down everything you’re doing in light of those two vital issues and maximize them effectively? Your business would thrive, guaranteed. In this episode you’re going to hear Dr. Andreas Boettcher explain exactly what those two reasons are that cause businesses to fail, what you can do to maximize your effectiveness in both of those areas, and use those results to leverage your business to an even greater degree of success. If you don’t do anything else today to equip yourself for greater success, you’ve GOT to listen to this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur. You won’t regret it.

The importance of knowing and articulating the compelling result you provide to your customers or clients.

Dr. Andreas Boettcher has learned a great deal over his long career as a chiropractor and now as a sales coach. One of those things is that you, the business owner, has to first be that YOU know what the incredible benefit is that you provide to your ideal client or customer. If you can’t articulate it easily and quickly, nobody else will be able to. But there’s more… that thing you do also has to be compelling, worded in such a way that anyone who needs what you offer hears you say it and immediately say, “I need that!” Dr. Andreas is an expert at helping businesses craft these statements of purpose and move their profits into the stratosphere, so be sure you listen to this episode to hear all his great tips.

Outline of this great episode!
  • Introduction of Maribel’s guest, Dr. Andreas Boettcher.
  • The mission Dr. Andreas is on and how he’s progressed to where he is.
  • The importance of balance in life and finding the course of action of how to maintain it.
  • What most influenced Dr. Boettcher to become an entrepreneur?
  • One of the “Blessing in Disguise” moments Dr. Andreas has experienced and what it taught him about business and attracting patients.
  • Dr. Andreas’ business model is all about leverage.
  • Power moves Dr. Andreas suggests to move your business forward.
  • The revenue generating activities Dr. Boettcher focuses on every day.
  • What are the outcomes you provide for your customers… do you know?
  • The things Dr. Andreas uses to maximize his time.
  • The best advice Dr. Boettcher has ever received.
  • Who inspires Dr. Andreas the most?
  • The book he goes to the most for inspiration and help.
  • Dr. Andreas’ website and ways he can help you.
Resources mentioned in this episode

Dr. Andreas’ website: http://www.drandreas.com/

Your Best Year Ever Journal

BOOK: Think and Grow Rich

Dr. Andreas' live event: http://www.amplifyliveevent.com

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