025: The BOLDER System of Life and Business, With Colleen Slaughter


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Today’s guest, Colleen Slaughter, grew up in a single-parent, low income household in Kentucky. Her path to becoming a leader for women became clear at an early age. As a little girl, Colleen used to pretend teach in the office. She would spend hours talking and writing. At the age of twenty one she moved to Paris, France in spite of having no concrete blueprint for earning money and few spoken French abilities. From there she went on to get certified as a coach and her turning moment came six months into coaching school. Today’s conversation reveals much of what is in Colleen’s heart for women, which flows out of her own journey to the life she lives now. You’re going to enjoy this chat.

How a mom of small children pulls off the big-time entrepreneurial life.

Colleen Slaughter a mentor for international leaders through Authentic Leadership International where she is dedicated to helping International leaders claim what they want and make the moves needed to achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction. But alongside that is her passion for her two young children, her home and husband, and the many things that go into making her life fulfilling and meaningful. How does she do it? She says it has to do with a constant focus on staying in alignment with herself. She can’t allow herself to push or strive beyond the boundaries of the things that are truly important to her. You can hear more of what she thinks and how she practices this on this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur.

Who am I and what do I have to offer?

Colleen Slaughter says that as a coach she’s not selling a product or a service - she’s selling herself. It has to do with her experiences, her insights, her lessons learned. With that being the case it’s vital that she is able to get clear on who she is and what she has to offer. It takes a sober look at herself and humility to admit the good and the bad. It comes through a lot of bumps and a lot of running into walls. But the journey has been worth it because she’s come out of her exploration with a much clearer focus on her story, her being, and what she can do for others. If you’re looking for clarity in your own life, Colleen’s story will be of great encouragement to you.

3 types of revenue generation for her business.

Colleen Slaughter is a world-class trainer and speaker and to generate revenue she focuses on 3 main areas. The first is coaching, both individually and in groups. The second is speaking - to large and small groups. Both of those are great sources of income but neither is “passive” by any stretch. That brings us to the 3rd, online products - mainly courses. These are things Colleen has created once that continue to add value to her audience and run on their own. She loves having the diversity of opportunities that fit her gifts and make the most of her experience and story. How much thought have you given to your streams of revenue? You’ll probably get some ideas from this conversation.

The BOLDER method of putting your life and business on track.

Colleen Slaughter has created a powerful system that she uses to help entrepreneurs and others build the life and/or business of their dreams. The acronym that explains the system is BOLDER. Here’s what it stands for:

B - Believe in yourself

O - Organize your goals

L - Learn what’s stopping you

D - Develop practices to achieve your vision

E - Evolve into the new you

R - Reap the benefits of your hard work

In this episode Colleen very generously unpacks these points to help you understand the kind of things you can do to get yourself headed in the direction you truly want to go. You don’t want to miss this one.

Outline of this great episode!
  • Maribel’s introduction of Colleen Slaughter, founder of Authentic Leadership International.
  • Colleen’s calling and the roles she plays.
  • What most influenced Colleen to become an entrepreneur?
  • A blessing in disguise moment for Colleen - a fresh experience in her life.
  • How Colleen generates revenue in her business.
  • Tips for women entrepreneurs from an experienced coach and entrepreneur.
  • Why it’s important to develop practices that head toward your goals.
  • The day to day things Colleen does to leverage her activity and life.
  • Colleen’s favorite technology tools.
  • The best advice Colleen has ever received.
  • A book recommendation from Colleen.
  • How you can find out about her.
Resources mentioned in this episode

Colleen’s website: http://boldermoves.com/

BOOK: “The Prosperous Heart

Get Colleen’s free handout : http://boldermoves.com/superwoman

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