030: How To Find Your Life Purpose And Personal Success, With Raquel Vasallo


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Raquel Vasallo is passionate about helping women become “true you.” She longs to see every woman become magnetic, empowered and irresistibly happy! She believes that there is something inside of every woman, telling her that there is more. She sees that “voice” being a woman’s “higher self” that is telling them that there is nothing on earth they cannot have, nothing they cannot be, nothing they cannot create.

On this episode you’re going to hear about Raquel’s journey into the work she’s doing through spiritual healing, personal coaching, and building a business that supports her and empowers others. Be sure to listen.

“I was hiding behind a business that was doing very good things.”

That’s what Raquel Vasallo says of the moment when she began to recognize one of her “blessing in disguise” events. She’d been doing great work in her healing practice but was hitting obstacles that she couldn’t explain. She didn’t understand what was going on and began to look inside to find out what was blocking her success. What she discovered is that there were parts of herself that she wasn’t being true to, things that she needed to change in order to be an even greater blessing to her clients and to the world. You can hear the entire story and how it panned out for her on this episode.

Different levels of revenue generation undergird her business.

Raquel Vasallo’s business is centered around life purpose discovery. On an entry level she does life purpose work with clients who are looking for meaning and purpose. On the next level she teaches others how to help people do the same kind of “life readings” to maximize her reach and build another opportunity for her to expand the skills she’s developed. Beyond that, she’s become a speaker to bring in more revenue and grow her business as well. If you’d like to learn more about this 3 tiered approach, be sure to listen.

What part of yourself do you need to give up in order to reach your next “big time” goal?

Growth in your business will be directly connected to your growth as a person. How you change day to day will impact your business, either positively or negatively. For example, if you’ve always thought of yourself as an introvert, you will likely get to a point where you have to let go of that piece of your self-proclaimed identity so you can be free to step out and talk to people you need to meet or connect with in order for your business and life to take the next step forward. What is your current struggle in upping your game? That’s likely the very place where you’ll discover something in yourself that you need to give up. Hear how Raquel Vasallo describes these things in her own life and how it can apply to yours, on this episode.

Resetting your mindset can be the key to your growth and business success.

The way you think about the world, yourself, and the way life works is key to how you respond to the opportunities you have. You’ve got to learn how to open your mind to new possibilities and new ways of doing things if you’re going to grow. It’s simple, but not easy. A good place to begin in determining what areas of your mindset need to change is by looking at the recent opportunities you’ve had that you’ve ignored or haven’t taken advantage of. Why didn’t you take them? Was there something in what you believe or think that held you back, telling you that you couldn’t take on that opportunity in a positive way? If so, there could be limiting beliefs that are the root of those hesitations. Learn more about adjusting your mindset from today’s guest, Raquel Vasallo.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Maribel’s introduction of today’s guest, Raquel Vasallo.
  • The roles and mission Raquel fulfills through her life.
  • What influenced Raquel most to become an entrepreneur.
  • A blessing in disguise moment Raquel has experience in her entrepreneurial journey.
  • The business model Raquel uses to generate her income.
  • The power moves Raquel has taken to increase her bottom line.
  • The work Raquel does and tips she suggests to listeners.
  • Power and purpose come from writing down your discoveries and success targets.
  • Favorite tools and methods Raquel uses to leverage her time and life.
  • The best advice Raquel has ever received.
  • Who is inspiring to Raquel?
  • A favorite book Raquel has read recently.
  • A free gift for you from Raquel.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Raquel’s website: www.InfiniteOxygen.com

Google Calendar

BOOK: The Science of Getting Rich

Raquel’s free gift: 5 Secrets to Live Your Higher Purpose

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