038: Unlocking Your Inner Queen Code with Molesey Crawford


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Molesey Crawford grew up in an underprivileged neighborhood in Florence, SC. She was determined to find her greater destiny and is now passionate about providing a better life for her young daughter. Molesey competed in pageants in her youth and has used this platform to teach the power of personal development and perseverance. She won titles on local, state, and national levels in her competition and went on to earn her BS in Criminology from the University of South Carolina. Molesey became a published author after establishing herself as a respected public speaker.

She began The Queen Code movement for women of great potential who are searching for their destiny. Molesey has built her business around her favorite quote: “Everything that we need to reach our fullest expression is already within us. We arrive encoded with who we are destined to be. Our job is to decipher and unlock our queen code.”

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