From Burnout to Clarity with Emerald GreenForest


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In today's episode my guest, Superwoman Entrepreneur Co-Author Emerald GreenForest is sharing her breakthrough story of going from burnout to clarity.

Raised in an alcoholic home by a father who was severely abusive, the ground was set for a lifetime of relationships with men that were either addicted, abusive or alien to her.

From boyfriends to business partners every single man in her life reflected & played out the patterns that had been embedded in childhood.

It wasn’t until her own son locked her in the basement and threatened to kill her that it became clear the SHE was the single unifying thread in all these experiences. and finally realized it was up to her to transform her life, take back her power and choose to take the actions that would provide her with a wholly different experience of men.

There is no one better in the field of creating conscious change in the male female dynamic than Emerald GreenForest, founder & lead visionary of Creative Age Consulting Group.

Internationally recognized speaker, transformation artist, multiple award winning entrepreneur & hostess of the Men On Purpose Podcast , Greenforest is passionate about working with multidimensional men who are called to be the Legendary Leaders & Vanguard of the Creative Age.

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We hope you enjoyed this episode with a clip of Emerald's story, you can read the full version in the upcoming Superwoman Entrepreneur Book that launches on July 3, 2019.

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