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In today's episode my guest, Superwoman Entrepreneur Co-Author Suzi Picaso is sharing her breakthrough story of overdosing, ending up on life support and finding herself.

Suzi has had a lifetime of education, dedication, ideas and dreams realized. She expanded her passion as a creative image maker with over 20 years experience in Celebrity Makeup Artistry, to launch her own cosmetics collection "Suzi Q” cosmetics selling internationally, in 2005.

She’s also passionate about her community and helping others succeed. She served two terms as member of the Lindsay City Council, and was reappointed by the Governor to the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley Board of Directors, where she served for almost 5 years.

Currently she’s a Professional Development Instructor where she coaches College Learners on Emotional Intelligence and a community speaker.

Suzi's advice for you in your journey to having more Peace, Play & Prosperity in Business and Life....

Believe in yourself. Don’t waste your energy by holding on to an invisible backpack full of all the things that you did wrong. I encourage you to look forward and live in the moment because you can't change anything from the past.

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We hope you enjoyed this episode with a clip of Suzi's story, you can read the full version in the upcoming Superwoman Entrepreneur Book that launches in August, 2019.

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