Life Lessons Through Tarot


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When we first came up with the idea of doing this podcast, we said we were going to do 12 episodes and just see how it goes. We knew we had some interesting things to say, but we weren't quite sure how people would respond. Well, today we are dropping episode 13 (Luna’s daughter’s favorite number), so as you can see- it’s going really well - all thanks to you super cool people who are enjoying what we have to say!

We are so incredibly grateful and excited to see that so many of you are enjoying the content we're creating. We have lots of exciting things coming up for you all in the very near future to express our gratitude! So, stay tuned...
As a form of a mini-celebration, we decided to do something a little bit different and talk more in depth about our own experiences with Tarot (and therapy). This was one of the most fun and fruitful conversations we’ve had (and, we’ve had a lot of conversations- so that’s saying something!).

We reminisce with Shannon about her favorite haunt as a teenager (you can practically taste the ice coffee and smell the incense), and hear Luna have a virtual dance party with the Death card. We hope that you’ll join us by listening in and perhaps playing along with some of the spreads we do for ourselves in this episode- Life Lessons though Tarot.

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