The Truth about Self-Acceptance {and Shadow Work}


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As therapists, one of the most enigmatic questions we struggle with is “How do I do that thing people talk about where I learn to love and accept myself?”

It’s one of those questions that we sort of know the answer to, but we can’t say it directly- just point people in the right direction (or, really, directions).

This week on The Tarot Diagnosis, we start to peel back some of the layers of this question- talking about why this is a hard question to tackle, and how it’s a question that needs to be answered in more than one way.

Yes, we talk A LOT about shadow work! Inner child shows up, too.

And, of course, we get super nerdy talking about the theories of psychotherapy and which therapy rockstar we think is unnecessarily mean.

Join us as we pull cards throughout the conversation, to help deepen our understanding of the concept of self-acceptance through the lens of Tarot and psychotherapy.

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