Self-Care Myths {and truths}


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This week on The Tarot Diagnosis, we call bullshit on self-care.
Not that we’re not in favor of self-care (we are, we really, really are), but we think that the way self-care is talked about in our culture, and held up on social media is all wrong.

Join us as we talk about real-world ways to care for yourself, why it’s important, and what nobody says about how hard it actually is. Because, the thing is, self-care is about caring for your whole self. Social media (and a lot of therapists) only talk about the parts that are about rest and nurturing - and yes, those parts are super important. Don't get us wrong - we love some quality yoga and a walk in nature, but caring for anyone- especially yourself, requires much more than that. Essentially- you can’t be all Four of Swords and think that covers self-care. There's a lot more to it.
You’ll get to hear a very serious conversation about the importance of “the cuddle couch” and get a behind the scenes look at cringy parenting moments for Luna.
In the mean time, if you are looking for something a little self-careish that is about lovely nurturing, be sure to check out our Summer Solstice Retreat! We designed this retreat to be self guided, and really you can do it any day you want- not just on the Summer Solstice.

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