Do You Trust Me? {and what to do if you don't}


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This week on The Tarot Diagnosis, Luna and Shannon venture into the harrowing and complex landscape of trust.

How do we know when to give it, what do we do once it’s been broken, and how much of this is really about our own expectations? Clearly, it’s a complicated topic. But, that’s what we love to do - get into the weeds with the complicated stuff and see how Tarot can offer us a lens to better understand our own experience of trust.

From Three of Swords to The High Priestess, and from Freudian developmental stages, to the idea of financial infidelity - we cover a ton of ground; including how to learn to better edit trust in all of our relationships in order to have realistic expectations and clearer boundaries.
In the end, when it comes to trust it seems to come down to what renowned pediatrician and author Dr. Spock said, "Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do."

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