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what is the green needle?

The Green Needle specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly sewing classes. Our motto is Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose and we apply that to our classes. We offer sewing classes and workshops - from beginner to advanced. Our teaching methods are based on a practical approach. From alteration, deconstruction, and restyling, the students learn about clothing construction, pattern drafting, tailoring methods, body types, principle and details of design, and textile.

We give students the foundation needed to sew like professionals, while also teaching in an artistic way in order to create unique, timeless and sustainable fashion. After taking our courses, students will be able to repair, alter, restyle and design clothes for themselves, family, friends, and potential customers.
Ludmila (Lucy) Popova

Meet Ludmila, tailor, artisan, educator, and the founder of The Green Needle. With over 15 years of experience in designing, producing and altering apparel, Ludmila has found her true passion: teaching others how to recycle and repurpose their wardrobes!

Ludmila has been certified in design and tailoring by the Professional Lyceum of Fashion in Tomsk, Russia. She also holds a Master's Degree in Education from the Tomsk State University. In 2005, Ludmila started SewLux - a custom clothing and alteration business in Ottawa. Since 2008, Lucy has been successfully teaching sewing classes in Ottawa through Algonquin College, the OCDSB and Eco Equitable.

In her classes, Ludmila uses a dynamic, hands-on teaching style to impact enthusiasm and inspiration for those waiting to gain the necessary hands-on experience and knowledge to develop their own unique styles, and turn fashion’s leftovers into timeless creations. Lucy is an advocate for green fashion and the difference it can make in helping to sustain our planet!
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