Chiropractic Marketing That Can’t Be Ignored with Mike Michalowicz


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Mike Michalowicz, a threepeat guest and incredible author, is here today. Mike joins us to discuss his new book “Get Different,” marketing that can’t be ignored, and boosting your clinic’s profile post-COVID.

He takes us through the necessity of marketing in unique ways and why it is your responsibility as a service provider to market yourself. With the pandemic continuing to rage, many people are stuck in a fear state. As a chiropractor, you can help them – you just have to let them know you are there.

Key Takeaways:

  • A brief overview of Mike’s previous books and new release. [0:48]
  • How the Mastermind sessions help to bring about and refine Mike’s ideas. [1:35]
  • Where the initial idea for book topics come from. [2:25]
  • How Mike crowdsources ideas from the community. [2:45]
  • Understanding that we are at the whim of the customers. [3:20]
  • Why you have a responsibility to market. [4:40]
  • Getting different with your marketing. [6:10]
  • Differentiating your services from the white noise. [6:45]
  • Why you don’t need to be complicated to be impactful. [9:10]
  • Understanding your target community. [10:28]
  • Examples of standout marketing from Mike’s career. [10.50]
  • Creating online buzz for virtually no cost. [13:15]
  • Experiment, measure, amplify, and repeat. [15:00]
  • Why we are fear based and how to get around it. [15:15]
  • Presenting yourself as a service and offering kindness. [16:50]
  • The disadvantage advantage. [17:44]
  • Exercises for creative thinking. [19:04]
  • Why you should grow, but not grow up. [21:50]
  • About the new book, Get Different. [23:00]
  • Words of wisdom and inspiration. [24:20]

Get Different:

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