Fame Isn’t Everything: The Pressure To Be A Good Artist And Content Creator With Brittany Darby


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Social media has made it so easy for anyone to be viral. With apps like TikTok, there is so much content that it's hard to find the good ones. Everyone thinks they can be a star, but if you're doing what you're doing for fame instead of the art, then it's going to be difficult to succeed. People need to have the motivation to understand that not everything has to go viral. Join your hosts, Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen and their guest, Brittany Darby, on what it takes to be a content creator. Brittany is a Los Angeles-based creative producer and digital creator. She is on a mission to teach entertainment industry realism to up-and-coming content creators. Join in the conversation to learn how you can be a good artist and not worry so much about the clicks. Learn what it takes today.

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