Fear Of Rest In Our Hustle Culture


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With social media and influencer culture, it's easy to think that everyone is constantly on the grind and that you should be keeping up. Hustle culture seems more like an evolved form of peer pressure that results in rest shame and, eventually, burnout. In this episode, Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen confront how the millennial concept of hustle culture impacts their own personal and professional careers. Years and years of self-worth being anchored on external validation has most of us caught in a toxic loop of feeling not enough. In reality, and as research has shown, self-compassion and sleep lead to increased productivity. So, why do we keep falling into this trap? Today, Jason and Whitney open up on their own limiting beliefs and the ways they've been dealing with them. Tune in for more of their realizations and hear how Jason was able to verbalize his concerns with workaholism on another eye-opening episode of This Might Get Uncomfortable.

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