Staying Sane Under Societal Standards And Career Pressure With Jazmine Reed-Clark


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Societal standards and career pressure have convinced today's millennials that going after money and being a “boss” is the definition of success. In reality, there's no one right way to go about figuring out your career. It's important to know that whatever career path you pursue is your choice to make. Joining Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen in today's episode is Jazmine Reed-Clark. She is a self-employed career coach and Talent & HR consultant for her company, JRC Collective and host of the Office Politics: The Anti-#GIRLBOSS Podcast. The three sit down to dive deep into career pressure and discuss different concepts of a successful career. Jazmine explains career wellness and what it means for each individual in pursuit of a successful life. They also discuss hustle culture, ageism, parental expectations, and other factors that may impact your career outlook. Tune in for more fruitful insights on this installment of This Might Get Uncomfortable.

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