Building My Second Brain [Episode 241]


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I read Tiago Fortne’s, Building Your Second Brain and immediately saw how the time I was wasting online was because it was too hard to do the things I really wanted to do on my phone or computer.

In this episode, I share the behind-the-scenes of how I organize my digital life as a mom so that I am not wasting time on social media and getting way more done by being effective when I’m on my computer.

I love my physical planner and journals to keep my day-to-day life organized and my brain working and emptied. However, a lot happens digitally that, for me, was a complete mess.

With my second brain system, I now have a place for everything - a place for things I want to read, a place for things I want to reference, a place for things I need to do on the computer, and easy systems to get everything where it needs to go.

I have great systems for knowing what I want to do and getting those things done (hint, hint, The Thriving In Motherhood Planner), but I needed a way to organize knowledge.

That was one of the huge epiphanies that hit me while reading Building Your Second Brain. A knowledge management system is different than a productivity system!

Things that I want to think about, read about, learn about, or want to reference in the future now have a place. Since setting up this system, I’ve wasted less time and become more productive when I sit at the computer or get on my phone.

Check out this week’s episode for a deep dive into:

  • What I use
  • When I use it
  • How I manage incoming email (I have maintained an inbox-zero email for the first time in my life for the past few months!)
  • Take notes on the books I’m reading
  • Take action on online courses
  • Keep what I’m learning organized
  • Jumpstart my projects and keep all the pieces organized

I hope this will help you organize your digital life to increase your productivity and make your life easier!

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