Bonus Episode 4 - New Studio Space


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Warning! No 18xx talk in this bonus episode at all!

Eric and Johnny have a quick 10 minute chat and test recording in Johnny's new studio space and discuss some of the upcoming improvements to the podcast's recording gear that we're excited about. Your patreon contributions are helping us immensely and we wouldn't be able to consider these kind of improvements without them.

This bonus episode is still being recorded on Blue Yeti microphones (soon to be replaced by Electro Voice RE20 microphones, not Shure SM7B as we mention in the recording) but was edited for the first time using Reaper as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) instead of Audacity or Garageband. We've been learning a TON about what gear we should invest in, mic technique, editing and mastering technique, etc so hopefully as we move forward you'll notice an increased quality in our recordings.

That's all - sorry for the lack of train talk!

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