Final Episode: Transition From the Ego to the Holy Spirit w/Guest Bruce Rawles


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I had some technical difficulties at broadcast time, but the episode is available now in its entirety! Sorry to those that were there at the LIVE broadcast time. Enjoy! Good news! There is nothing to fear as long as the Holy Spirit is near! Join Jackie and Bruce for a discussion on trusting the power of forgiveness as the means to transition from the ego's "darkness and despair" to the Holy Spirit's light! This will be Jackie's final episode on this platform. Please join her email list to keep up with her future podcasts, lectures, classes & workshops! "In the transition there is a period of confusion, in which a sense of actual disorientation may occur. But fear it not, for it means only that you have been willing to let go your hold on the distorted frame of reference that seemed to hold your world together. This frame of reference is built around the special relationship. Without this illusion there could be no meaning you would still seek here. Fear not that you will be abruptly lifted up and hurled into reality. Time is kind, and if you use it on behalf of reality, it will keep gentle pace with you in your transition." (T-16.VI.7:4-7,8:1-2) This will be a great discussion, packed full of practical info! Love & blessings to all. Jackie's ACIM online classes: Bruce's site:

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