Building Forward: Investing in a Resilient Recovery podcast


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A new report from the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge finds that investing public funds - in people’s health and skills, and in social, natural, and physical capital - is the best way to build forward to a more resilient and prosperous future, and to deliver the ‘levelling up’ agenda. Professor Diane Coyle, Dr Matthew Agarwala and Dimitri Zenghelis, from the Wealth Economy project team, discuss the key findings from the report such as: the returns to any single element will be higher if they are treated as a portfolio; there is a need to measure and value these assets so that they are a part of policy and business decision making; and investing in these assets across the UK is the best way to restore prosperity and ensure fiscal health even if there is a temporary rise in the government debt/GDP ratio. Listen to their economic wisdom and lively debate that shares the practical and immediate policy lessons for Building Forward to something better. Read the report: Building Forward: Investing in a Resilient Recovery

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