Are We Learning From or Burning Down the Big Players in Vet Med?


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This week co-host Beckie Mossor, RVT reports to us from the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) in Las Vegas, Nevada where there’s a lot of talk about the big veterinary corporations and pet retailers and the impact they’re having throughout the profession (spoiler: a couple are engaged in a battle of lawsuits amongst other issues). … Co-host Dr. Ernie Ward talks with Beckie from deep within his home podcast bunker and the pair muse on how quickly changes are happening in the pet and veterinary industries as we (hopefully) begin to see a little post-pandemic light ahead. Well, at least a few in-person veterinary conferences are happening, so there’s that. … Beckie and Ernie discuss the lessons veterinary professionals can learn from some of the more well-organized (and funded) large corporate practices and pet retailers, and what independent practices can do to remain competitive for staff. … Beckie drops gems such as “veterinary technicians are going over you or with you” and “ride not resist” when it comes to positive changes, while Dr. Ward applauds veterinary technicians and support staff for standing up for self-care, mental health support, and better working conditions. … Viewfinders, there’s a lot to unpack from this trip to Vegas! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to stop by your favorite podcast player and drop a brief 5-star review! It helps so much! Thanks and we’ll talk to you next week!

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