Pandemic Pets, Expensive Vets, Relinquishment - How Can We Help?


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A recent pet parent survey found that 47% experienced “separation anxiety while away from their pets.” 76% of respondents claimed their dog suffered from anxiety behaviors while they were away. In addition to these stats, there’s been a growing number of media stories examining “the high cost of veterinary care,” and increased requests to “return” or relinquish adopted “pandemic pets.” This week we explore the interconnectedness of these stories and how we can help as veterinary professionals. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT review a spat of news stories that describe current challenges faced by pet parents. From fears of leaving pets alone when returning to work post-pandemic, to financial challenges of veterinary care, and how some animal shelters are responding to requests to relinquish pets, this episode tackles a LOT of tough topics our profession is facing in late 2021. … Our hosts offer steps every veterinary clinic can take to address complaints about money, initiating conversations about behavioral issues, and how to help pet parents worried about leaving their pets at home. And MUCH more! … Viewfinders, how are you handling separation anxiety worries with your clients? Are you hearing complaints about cost of care? What about the return of “pandemic pets” to shelters? We’d love to hear your experiences! … Survey cited in podcast:

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