What Happens When Veterinary Professionals Have Expensive Pet Bills?


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What happens when veterinary team members have pets in need of expensive veterinary care? Do they make payments to their clinic over time? Does their clinic have a limit on outstanding debt? Do co-workers judge each other based on care decisions or running up high bills at the clinic? What happens if the employee leaves? Does a veterinary employee’s ability to “put it on my bill” influence our perception and expectations on our client’s ability or willingness to pay for their pet’s veterinary care? So many tough money questions this week, Viewfinders! … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT dip back into the tough topics of money, finances, and debt in the veterinary profession. This week the pair explore the impact of costly veterinary care from a veterinary professional’s perspective. … Topics covered include how a clinic handles a team member with debt, payment options, potential influence on team dynamics, and a variety of “hard lessons learned.” … Viewfinders, this is one of those topics we believe needs further evaluation by our profession. As Becky always says, “Get ahead of this one!” … Viewfinders, how does your clinic handle employee “bills” or delayed payments? Do you have a limit on how much you can “charge?” Do you think this topic impacts our expectations from pet parents? We want to hear from you! … To see Dr. Ward’s video, “WHY DON'T VETERINARIANS TREAT ANIMALS FOR FREE?” Click here: https://youtu.be/3aEiOfLDtgE … And don’t forget to give us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts It helps us reach more of our friends and colleagues!

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