Are Veterinarians "Real Doctors"? A Recent Social Media Controversy Sparks Debate


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Are veterinarians “real doctors”? What about vet techs? Are they “medical professionals”? A recent veterinarian versus Peloton quarrel over a "medical professional discount" went public on social media, and we’ve got all the feels… … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward (a proud Peloton papa since the beginning) and Beckie Mossor, RVT (not in the Peloton fam) tackle the issue of what to do when the public fails to recognize or respect veterinary professionals was “medical professionals.” This issue is a whole lot bigger than a stationary bike. … Beckie shares the recent social media outrage and "Peloton punching bag” that has dominated many feeds the past week. Beckie postulates that this week’s Peloton pushback follows a long history of vets being dissed, that hearkens all the way back to Dr. James Herriot. … Dr. Ward urges our colleagues to take meaningful steps to make positive change, rather than solely engage in online emotional outrage. He also encourages our veterinary organizations, particularly the AVMA and NAVTA, to issue statements and his in elevating the public perception of veterinary professionals. … Both our hosts share personal stories of how they’ve been slighted in public, and Dr. Ward reveals how he stopped comparing himself to human doctors early in his career and why veterinary professionals shouldn’t “take it personally.” … Viewfinders, this is a jam-packed conversation that covers a lot of tough topics. Let us know your thoughts!

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