Veterinary Viewfinder 256 - Are Veterinarians "Real Doctors"? The Answers Get Murkier


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In a recent episode, we asked the Viewfinders if veterinarians were “real doctors” (and also if vet techs were “real nurses”). We received a flood of comments and DM’s and witnessed many social media threads and posts discussing our comments and questions. Thank you! … But some of the reasons and arguments supporting vet professionals as “real medical professionals” seemed, at first, to be solid, but after closer inspection, began to crumble, metaphorically speaking. This week we explore a few of the more popular answers and rebuttals with, well, more questions. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT begin with a spate of threads and comments that misunderstood or misinformed readers about state laws governing the terms and roles of licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Beckie encourages every veterinary professional to begin by knowing their own state veterinary practice acts and pertinent rules and regulations. … Dr. Ward revisits the risks and pitfalls of directly comparing veterinary professionals with human medical professionals. Dr. Ward rallies all veterinary professionals to celebrate our unique and powerful contributions to society and discontinue arguing we’re “the same as them” when we’re (clearly) distinct and (arguably) better (that’s our opinion, Viewfinders!). … Beckie cautions us to be careful with our words on social media and avoid “hate raids” that we complain about when vets are targeted online. … Limited veterinary licensure, public perception of veterinary professionals, and do we truly treat all animal species are also addressed in this episode. Dr. Ward shares his animal welfare crusade against ventilation shutdown (VSD/VSD+) and how these experiences have exposed him to accusations and criticisms from colleagues and some of the lessons he’s learned that may help any vet professionals receiving online denunciation. (Visit to learn more about this important animal welfare issue). … Viewfinders, this is a continuation of a hot topic discussion that we believe makes our beloved profession stronger and more inclusive. Let us know what you think and share with a friend! Talk to you next week!

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