The Dynamic Tension Between Opposites with Nicole Buzzelli


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We are conditioned to view the world in opposites—mind and heart, surrender and agency, grief and gratitude. But what we conceptualize as opposites are inevitably inseparable parts of the same whole.
It may seem hard to believe, but this way of thinking is conditioned and not real. We have been taught to see the world this way, and it has disastrous consequences to our mental health.
The tendency to falsely dichotomize the world can interfere with our ability to navigate effectively because we are using “either or” thinking to explore concepts that are better encapsulated by “both and.”
Believing in false dichotomies causes us to pit various complementary elements of our experience against one another, setting up a warlike interior within ourselves.
On this week’s episode of On Living with Brooke Sprowl, Brooke and Nicole Buzzelli dive into the exploration of opposites in their own lives.

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