WBSP063: Grow Your Business by Shifting to LEAN Strategy and Thinking w/ Sanjeev Baitmangalkar


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There are a lot of definitions around LEAN. But implementing it right is easier said than done. Most companies fail to implement LEAN because they focus more on tools than focusing on strategy. It's a change in thinking, the way you do your business. It's the kind of SOPs you want to follow in your business and how flexible you want to be around those SOPs. The less variability and leaner operations you have, the more competitive you will be. If implemented right, Lean would be your competitive advantage.

In today's episode, we have our guest Sanjeev Baitmangalkar, who discusses why LEAN is a strategy and thinking and why most companies fail with LEAN as they focus on tools. He also shares several stories of how he implemented Lean at several facilities in various industries. Finally, He shares numerous KPIs and execution strategies to help business executives implement Lean.

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