WBSP067: Grow Your Business by Understanding Costing Granularity and Product Profitability w/ Christiano Gherardini


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Cost accounting is a complex topic. You have so many different choices, and sometimes it's hard to decide which method may be appropriate for your business. If you choose an incorrect accounting method, you may get a significant variance and require more admin effort to discover the source of variance and tweak the processes to reduce it. The incorrect costing method could also mean that you don't have a true sense of profitability for your products.

In today's episode, we have our guest Christiano Gherardini, who discusses the importance of costing granularity and why it is crucial to understand your products' profitability. He also talks about various costing scenarios and the implications of choosing an incorrect costing method. Finally, he has had a chance to talk about multiple costing concepts, including macro and micro variance analysis, costing layers, backflushing, rework, costing concurrent resources, and much more.

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