WBSP071: Grow Your Business by Keeping Appropriate Inventory Levels Through Material Requirement Planning w/ Marcia Williams


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Material requirement planning helps in keeping the appropriate inventory levels that you need for manufacturing. If the MRP processes are not optimized, it could result in surplus inventory or component shortages that could halt your production. While several technologies are available to implement MRP, the biggest challenge is the cross-functional nature of the MRP processes as multiple business units and departments may be involved. This challenge makes the implementation difficult and causes operational disruptions.

In today's episode, we have our guest Marcia Williams, who discusses various components of MRP planning and where MRP fits in the process. She also discusses the differences between MRP and DRP and why MRP processes are challenging to implement in an organization. Finally, she shares several stories of complex MRP planning, including performing MRP planning in a multi-entity scenario, planning when multiple locations may be involved, and when the BOMs may have complex dependencies.

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