WBSP073: Grow Your Business Through Real-Time Inventory Replenishment Using RFID w/ Andrew Johnson


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RFID technology has been available for a long time, but its adoption has been limited to high-value assets. Most manufacturers might not believe that RFID technologies can track commodities and be an excellent replacement for barcode labels. Unlike barcode labels requiring warehouse and production workers to hold the pointed gun and scan each item, RFID tags could significantly save time while expediting the scanning process. They will also provide you real-time visibility and replenishment of the inventory.

In today's episode, we have our guest Andrew Johnson, who discusses the evolution of RFID tags and how RFID technology is no longer limited to tracking high-value assets. He also touches on the old-school vendor-managed inventory approach and how RFID technology enables manufacturers to enable true Just-in-time tracking in real-time across products. Finally, he touches on the several logistics associated with enabling RFID to manage your vendor-managed inventory, including the cost of printing RFID labels, their limitations, and strategies for their adoption.

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